Linux and the Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

cPanel is a great tool to set up your site on Linux

Hosting your website on Linux and cPanel is a great choice for your website and there are some options in cPanel which can help you promote your site online. If you are trying to rank your website for specific keywords that will help you generate residual traffic every day, instead of paying for pay per click traffic, or using other forms of traditional advertising, you might want to consider search engine optimization instead. SEO is something that everyone can accomplish on their own, however it is sometimes better to work with a professional search engine optimizer Your ability to properly do on-site and off-site optimization may be limited, and for the fastest possible results, an SEO expert might be exactly what you need. Until that time, here are some basic search engine optimization ideas that you can use to try to do this yourself. Before getting started though, just be aware that many SEO methods violate Google’s terms as they are done specifically with the goal of manipulating search results.

The Basics Of SEO

As mentioned earlier, there are two parts to search engine optimization which include on-site and off-site optimization. On-site optimization pertains to everything related to your website which includes the content that you use, the links on your website, and the use of images and video. If you are able to use unique content, link out to authority sites, and embed videos in your content that are representative of what each page of your website is about, you will be able to quickly achieve higher rankings simply by optimizing your website in this way. Off-site optimization is usually called link building, your ability to get backlinks from different Web 2.0 properties. It’s also good to get links from social media sites, and also blogs that are talking about the same content, making the links appear more relevant.

Getting Started Today

The first thing you will want to do is add unique content, replacing old content that is simply not ranking. You will also want to begin updating on a regular basis, allowing you to generate the interest of the search engine spiders that will begin to index your content regularly. After you have added links to authority sites, and even did interlinking between similar pages that you have already posted, you will be on your way to achieving higher rankings by using these on-site strategies in combination with your link building activities.

Building a website is never easy, however there is a right way and wrong way to do this if you want to take advantage of the free traffic that can come from search engine optimization. If you can’t figure it out on your own, or you have implemented all of these strategies, try to find a local SEO expert that can help you out with achieving all of these goals so that you can generate free targeted traffic. Linux and cPanel can really help you though, and there are a heap of tutorials on how you can setup your site on cPanel and configuring things correctly.

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